Dance Hair!!

Isn't she too cute?!
(in my totally unbiased opinion, of course!)

Do you recognize the hairstyle? It's Braided Pigtail Braids! We did this style a day or two before her very first dance class.... well when it came time for class I thought it would be cute to wear... but... 

This is what it looked like!

So I unbraided JUST the two pigtail braids.

I spritzed them down with water and combed them with our wooden wide tooth comb a bit...

Then I rebraided them and added pink ribbon bows to match her leotard!

For the top cornrows I spritzed with water and added a bit of Beija-Flor Naturals Hemp Buttercream.

Not too hard to do and it sure makes a big difference!

(Her class does half tap, half ballet.)

 She didn't participate much the first few times, but you should see her now!!
I'm one proud mama, that's for sure!


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