Your Valentine Hairdo Inspirations!

Thank you so much to the lovely ladies who sent me pictures to share with you all - Valentine's Day Styles!  (Now you have more inspiration for next year, too!) I love showing you off, so feel free to send me pictures anytime!

The first amazing style is by Tiffany (who recently started blogging at! Be sure to check her out!)

Look at that cool heart!

and here we have Miss K - who's mommy is the mastermind behind My favorite birthing blog Ever!

That "hidden" heart is so delicate! I love it!

and last, but not least, here is the handiwork of the very talented, Amber! The models are her daughter and her niece - aren't they adorable?!

I love that they are sporting almost the same style! Way too cute!

I love all these styles! Thank you SO much to the moms for creating and sharing these photos and styles with us!


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