Mini Ponytails and Tiny Claw Clips

This one is pretty basic. I just ended it differently than before :)

(her hair was still wet from detangling in this picture)

To do this hairstyle, I just parted Q's hair in half down the middle and then put 3 little ponytails in on each side. So we ended up with 6 little ponytails total. Then I added a claw clip to each ponytail!

Here are more step by step pictures to get that far. :) (This is actually the style I was setting out to do - but then changed my mind mid-style.)


  1. Awww, you have such a cute widdle baby! :)
    You are doing such a good job managing her curly hair (and your husband is, too). You are making me want a little curly girl! <><

  2. Aw, thanks! :) I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!


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