Almost a Star

One day I'll post a "real" star - with that 5th line in there :) But for now, this will have to do!

I'm not super proud of this one, actually. But my sweet hubby complimented me on it at least twice today! :) I think I'd like it more once I practiced it a bit and got the "kinks" out. But it's not bad.
First I combed out Q's hair with a wide tooth comb, while it was wet. Starting at the bottom of course! :) Then I parted her hair down the center and made two diagonal parts in the front.

(Temporary clips are holding some of the hair out of the way, while still keeping that center part.)
Then I added two tiny elastics to each side of the front hair.

Next, (I wish I had thought to grab the hair gel) I combed the right side "extra" hair (the part in the clip) nice and flat, then I rolled/twisted each strand of hair from the tiny ponytails on the LEFT side of her head...and put all of that (3 pieces) into an elastic.

(I wish I had combed down the left side "extra" hair, too - ah hindsight, you are 20/20!)

and lastly, I attempted to smooth out the hair under the two twists, then rolled/twisted the RIGHT side ponytails and brought them over to the LEFT side to join with the ponytail I was making out of that "extra" hair. But before I did that - I sort of weaved them thru the twists already in place. The one closest to the front of her head went over the first twist and under the second. The twist closer to her ear went under the first twist and over the second. :) I hope that made sense!! :)

...and from the front ...

And there you have it! That's all! Another version of glorified pig-tails! 
This kind of style is actually pretty common. One of my favorite hair blogs has a great style very close to this, except that she's using it to dress up a headband! Totally cool! :)

And my new FAVORITE picture!! :)  It's Me and Q! I took the pic and she even smiled! :D 
(Don't mind my ultra boring hair - that what it alllllways looks like! See why I love curls?!)


  1. Love it! So cute, you did awesome! Which other blog has this to dress up a headband? I'd love to check it out! Did you see the "star" I posted a month or so ago? you could totally modify it like this!

  2. You two have matching eyes! They're exactly the same color!
    Dreamweaver, the blog you're thinking of is called "Babes in Hairland".
    Q's mom, if you need more ideas for your own hair, try going on Youtube and searching for "long hair hairdos", or something like that. It really helped me with my long, straight hair.
    P.S. Your little girl is adorable. <><

  3. Thanks!! To both of you!

    Here's the link to the headband star .. (I've also added it to the post above :) )

    Aemi - I'll have to do some looking around. It's just that Q's is soooo much more fun to play with than mine :) an easier since I can see it while I do it! I actually have been modifying this style on myself the last two days and I like it alot! ....

    Oh, Dreamweaver! I love that star style! I'd love to try it! (if anyone's reading ... here's the link... )


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