Toddler "Y" Braids

Because they're always asking "WHY??" Here's a Y braid just for toddlers :)

I started with a zig zag part down the center of her head, small zig zags this time - for variety.

Then I took up a section of hair parallel with the zigs and split that in half.

At this point I have a temp clip in one section and I'm going to start braiding the other section of hair.

After braiding down about halfway, maybe a bit longer, I held it with a temporary clip. Notice how I only clipped two of the strands of the braid? and left the third strand out? I did that on purpose! :) Then I did the same with the other section of hair. (Braided it just over halfway down.)

Next I removed the temporary clip and laid both braids over the top of each other! I tried to make the strands sort of line up and then I continued braiding! As though I still only have 3 strands. (Well, which I did only have 3 strands of hair because I had joined the two braids into one.)

I braided down to the ends and then added some beads!

Top View!

Other side...

(You can see the purple elastic I used because her hair was thick enough that the beads couldn't fall back down over the hair and elastic! But I thought it was still cute. More color...)


  1. That is such a cute hair do. I love working with braids! I am having a hair bow give away at my hair blog:
    I would be honored for you to enter!


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