Double Pull-Through

Here's another quick and easy style! I posted one veeery similar to this in the past, but this one's just a bit easier for those days that are even more hectic!


Again, I forgot to take "how-to" pictures! I guess because this is a style I fall to when I'm in a hurry! :) If anyone isn't clear on how these are done - please let me know! I could try to get a video up :) They are easy once you know what you're doing - however, very very hard to take still photos while doing it with just one hand! Two hands is very helpful here! lol
Anyway, what I did was to take up Q's bangs, add a loose elastic, then flip the "tail" through - underneath the elastic. (part the hair under the elastic, making a hole, then tuck the tail thru the hole)

Then I did it again, a bit father back! I used lots of hair so that only 2 pull thru's used up most all of the hair on top of her head. :)


Another angle:


And Curls! I was trying to get a picture of them while they're dry - not immediately after being detangled like I so often do!  Ahhhhhh! I just LOVE curls! :D


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