A Christmas Braids and Ribbon Hairstyle for Kids!

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone had a lovely couple days celebrating Jesus's birth.. and Santa... or whatever else you do for the Holidays!  I didn't have time to get some fancy Holiday Hairdo's up before the holidays (when they might have actually been useful!) Sorry! But I'm going to post a few that we did, now, so maybe you can have some inspiration for the future!

I was on a "present wrapping ribbon" kick - we used a lot of it! You know, the shiny paper ribbon you use for wrapping presents? Instead of the fabric ribbon we often use in hairdos.

 Think of it as dressing your kiddo up like a present! LOL! Making memories and memories with your kids IS one of the best presents of all anyway, right?!

If you want me to share more steps in the photos, let me know! But here's how to get this look:

1. Pick a spot for a high side ponytail
2. Part the hair into 4 sections all angling toward that predetermined ponytail area!
3. Braid or cornrow the 4 sections so that all the braids end together....

4. Use one ponytail holder to tie off all the braids together in one high ponytail.
5. Undo any extra braid length so that there's just normal, unbraided, hair in the ponytail. (Curls! If you have them!)
6. Then, using a plastic craft needle, thread some ribbon in and around and through the braids! I didn't use any precise method, just every which way until I liked how it looked!

I left the back two braids un-ribboned because it was right before nap time and I figured they'd get flattened while she slept. I intended to add more ribbon after Q woke up, but then I never did! I think it's cute either way.

and that's it! This was our Christmas Day Hairdo this year! 

How did you do your little one's hair for Christmas Day?


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