Zig-Zag-gy Braided Hair

I know, goofy name! This isn't actually one of my favorite styles, but I was trying something new...and Q got a TON of compliments on it! So I thought I'd share the idea with you - maybe you can put your own spin on it and make it even better! :)

So to start, I parted a big Z down the middle of her head. Then, it's really hard to see in the pictures, but I parted the same Z on the other side of it, so that I had a row of hair in a Z shape.

Here, in the picture below you can see that I'm holding the Z up, I'm going to braid that hair that I'm holding straight up!

Tada! But I didn't have enough hands to get good pictures as I went along. Basically I just did an inside out french braid (or cornrow, which ever you prefer) in the shape of a Z on top of her head!

Then I didn't think it looked finished, so now you can see one more piece of hair I'm holding off to the side....

I braided it!

I think it looks more balanced that way for some reason. and now we can have two clips - one on each side of her head.

As you can see I gathered the hair on the sides of her head back into small ponytails to meet the end of the braid - on each side. I finished it off with tiny claw clips... but bows or ribbons would have been cute, too!

Theee End!  Happy New Year's Eve!!!


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