Quick! Before Christmas...

If you need stocking stuffer ideas, I have a couple for you!  (full reviews to come!)

Sidewinders Hair Holders! Q and I are having so much fun playing with these! they are unique and creative and the possibilities are endless! They are incredibly versatile, too, as far as using them in any type of hair. I hope to have lots of styles created with Sidewinder Hair Holders(I should really just post what I have - and then keep going! Kind of a series of reviews of Sidewinders! lol We'll see.) to share with you soon!

My True Nature Bath Products!!  I had no idea when I started my search for baby shampoo with good ingredients that I would find so many! There aren't a lot, actually, especially when compared to the amount of junk you find in a drugstore - but there are more than I thought there might be! And keep in mind that I have a VERY strict test each product must pass before I give it my "stamp" of approval!  This is a very new company and she only has a few products out right now - with lots more coming in the new year!  But one of the things she has that I haven't seen much of in the "natural bath product world" is Bubble Bath!!!  What kid doesn't love bubbles!?! and now you can use a brand with trustworthy ingredients!? Hard to pass up, if you ask me!


PSA about bubble baths -

Vaginitis in Children

Most vaginal itching or discomfort is due to a soap irritation of the vulva. The usual irritants are bubble bath, shampoo, or soap left on the genital area after a bath.  

Read more on the topic at kidsgrowth.com

So enjoy your bubble bath - and Don't Forget to Rinse!! 


 and last, but certainly not least - our Sponsor!! Beija-Flor Naturals!  I have tried quite a few of her products and they are Fabulous. I kid you not. If my life wasn't so hectic and crazy and upside-down these days you'd have gotten review long ago! (One of these days, I promise!!)  If that's not enough, I just got in a variety of scents in her new shampoo/body bar!!! OH goodness! They smell delightful! My hubby was opening the package with me and smelling all the different aromas... he got to the peppermint shampoo bar first and exclaimed, "This one's MINE!!" LOL!!! I hardly got a sniff in sideways, he was so attached to that shampoo! ha! Anyway, make sure you head on over and check out her great selections! You won't be sorry you did! 

I hope all your holiday preparations are going along smoothly and everyone is able to rest and relax a bunch in the coming days and weeks! :D (ok, who am I kidding?! Well a girl can dream.)  If nothing else send a little Thank You to the skies for creating a reason to celebrate at this frigid time of year! Sending Love and Laughter your way... 

~ Karli & Q 


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