How to Get Your Child to Sit Still?

This question come courtesy of a fellow Curly Hairdo Ideas follower! Hi Dawn! 
Dawn asked this question on the Facebook Page today -

Any ideas on how to get a 20 month old who hates getting her hair done to sit still and be good while getting her hair done?

and I responded with:

Does she watch a lot of TV or movies? If she doesn't (this is my standard trick!) Let her watch while she lets you mess with her hair. If she doesn't want you to - the movie goes off. No big deal. If she wants to watch - she has to let you play :)

Other things that might work are to put her in the high chair and give her little things to play with (that maybe are new or usually not things she plays with) I've found that little things keep Q's interest longer and keep her head more still. (but don't use this method if she's likely to put them in her mouth!!)

Or you can try sitting her on the counter in front of the mirror so she can see what you're doing.

With any of the ideas - keep the styles short (like - one ponytail - or a clip) in duration until she gets the hang of the system and realizes it's ok to let mom play! :)

And be SUPER gentle. If it hurts, they're never going to want you to touch their hair again! Be ultra gentle on their hair - WAAAAY more careful that you think is reasonable - give them every reason to trust and no reasons not to want you to play with their hair! :)

I hope that helps!
Thanks for the question!

If YOU have any questions, or want to add your hair-time ideas to solve the question of Keeping Baby Still - feel free to leave a comment below, or join us on facebook at Curly Hairdo Ideas!


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