Coconut Oil and Shea Butter

I wanted to talk a bit about the oils we've been trying in Q's hair. First, I had wanted to either make my own "products" or stay away from them completely - well I'm starting to think that was some pretty naive thinking! lol!

First I had heard that I could just wet her hair with water and gently comb in out with a wide tooth comb every morning. (This works well, we still do this most mornings) I thought that sounded good - easy enough - and non-intrusive.

BUT I felt like there was more I could be doing to help the hair stay moisturized - and defrizzed. After naps and after being in the carseat (for any amount of time) Q's curls just love to get matted and frizzy, looking like we never detangled them at all!

So I got satin pillowcases and covered the back of her carseat with a piece of satin. 
(The satin was old, so maybe not as slippery as it could have been - I'm thinking I'd like to try some other fabric)
... the satin DID help! But not enough.
Next I have read about adding coconut oil to the hair for moisture...I've done this! But on Q's light hair anyway, it is VERY easy to get too much - which then just makes her hair oily and greasy looking. Not moisturized and healthy! 

Organic 100% Virgin Coconut Oil - 16 oz (474 ml) Natural Skin/Hair Care ZERO PRESERVATIVES, ZERO ADDITIVES

Then I heard about African Shea Butter (which is also a key ingredient in many good products for curly hair) so I decided to try some! 

100% Organic West African Shea Butter 16 oz

I love the stuff! I still have to be careful not to use too much at a time, but I find that it's more forgiving than the coconut oil, and less "greasy" - maybe it absorbs into the hair better? I'm not really sure! But I found in also worked quite well in keeping her curls from tangling in the carseat. 

(Coconut oil worked too, as far as keeping tangles at bay, but Shea Butter was better!)

(her hair is still wet in this picture - I add the oils to wet hair)

Just natural (un-attacked by the carseat as of yet!) and dry...

So now our "daily routine" is to spray with water and detangle, then add Shea Butter! 
(organic, unrefined)

And I've stumbled on another "routine" that we're just starting and I think is working well ... every so often (twice now - lol) I cover her curls with coconut oil and olive oil and let it sit. Then I wash out the majority, but not all ... then the next day I braid her hair and keep it up, letting the oils get a chance to really soak in. Wash again that night and get all the excess oils out ... this leaves Q's hair SUPER soft and looking fabulous!!


  1. OMG... I loooove your daughter's hair. I'm actually researching a haircut for my daughter and have just copied that last pic of your daughter so I can show it to the hairdresser tomorrow! :) I also love your tips for curly hair. Guess I'll be switching to satin pillowcases now!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you've found some things helpful!

  3. we did it!!! :) :) :)


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