Thoughts on Accessories ... What are yours?

Something I've been learning about accessories ... at least where I live... is that I might as well buy cute unique pieces online (from places like Etsy stores, etc. see previous post for some ideas) because anything I find around here is just about the same price and is BORING! run-of-the-mill. Walmart had one or two cute ones, but they aren't any cheaper than bows I've found online made by work-at-home moms! I'd much rather support a fellow mama than a big corporation like Walmart or Target! But that's just me... 

What are your thoughts?
What are your favorite stores for hair accessories?


  1. Favorite stores for accessories, lets see...

    Beauty Supply Store
    Burlington Coat Factory

    Those are probably the main ones but I find a lot of cute headbands and cute in adult shops like Dots, Forever 21, etc.

  2. I'm so torn on Walmart. Actually, the things I've gotten in the main hair section I've always been happy with - but the things I've purchased from the baby section have broken faster than I can use them! So frustrating!

    We were finally by a Claire's last weekend, I was so excited! I was totally going to buy hair stuff!!!....but.... nothing seemed worth it. :( I think they just didn't have a good selection right now or something.

    I'll have to check out the last two you mentioned tho. Thanks for sharing! :) I'm suddenly starting to be more on the look out for these things! and I'm sure it's only the beginning of the obsession... :)

  3. There is a store called black fox beauty and they have an awesome selection of hair clips
    I also noticed the other day at michales that they have a small selection.
    also try places like other mothers or childrens orchard ( resail kids clothing)
    they might sale new bows by the counter.
    I like having a variety so I get clips from all different places. The best complements from clips I bought a few years ago from the dollar store.
    Good luck!!!


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