Toddler Park Ponytail Mohawk!

This hair style was made out of a strong desire for calm hair on a windy day!
We were heading to the park and I wanted some way to keep Q's short curly hair from becoming a terrible "rats nest" :)
(with longer hair I probably would have just gotten away with one big ponytail or messy bun, but her hair is too short for that yet! So we got creative.)

I took her existing (not post-worthy, lol!) style from earlier in the day and just absorbed it into this...

I parted her hair from ear to ear in three sections.
Then I made a ponytail out of each section,
On the last time through the ponytail, I left the "tail" partway in the loop, so that the hair formed a loop :)

A little wacky and crazy, but I'm pretty confident that we'll use this hairstyle again! I liked it and it was incredibly functional :)


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