Quick and Easy Mom and Daughter 'Do

Here's a quick and easy style that you or your little one can wear! I actually did it on myself first, then on Q because I thought it was a keeper! ... oh, and originally it wasn't even going to be a "style" it was literally just a way to keep my bangs out of my eyes! lol

I don't have step by step photos (Q has been more interested in being behind the camera these days than in front of it!) but I'll try to explain it well!

Me - sorry I don't have the front shot. My camera battery died. :( But I actually think it's quite flattering from the front.

* I parted our bangs on the side (mine on the left, Q's on the right)
* Then I took up a piece of hair of the bangs section on either side of the part
* Next I twisted them in opposite directions, nice and loose. Not tight twists. (You could do that, but you'd get a very different look)
* and brought them together on top of the head
* where I pinned them with one bobby pin (yep, two strands of hair - one bobby pin. We're going for quick and easy here!)
* Then on the side of the head that the part was NOT on, I took up one more section of hair and twisted that in the same direction as the twist beside it.
* I brought the end of that twist up to meet the others.
** To secure the third twist - use a single bobby pin and CROSS it in an X over the first bobby pin! This method will lock on the bobby pins and secure your bangs for as long as you need them secured!

Q! brushing her teeth - quite the multitasker already!

I used the tiny bobby pins, but either kind would work. :)

LOL - "I'm just putting up with you." and "Now can I see it?!?!"


  1. How cute is this! Matching, and right in time for Mother's Day. So sweet!

  2. oh yeah! :) I didn't even think of that... lol


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