A Work in Progress - quick style!

Here's a quick hairdo we did on Q the other day! I'm really loving the giant flower! (which I won - wooo hoooo! from Cassia over at Clips, Combs and Curls - go check her blog out! It was my first ever giveaway-win... I was thrilled!)

This style would work well on frizzy, non-detangled hair, too - if you're low on time. (just don't do the braids) However, when we did it, it was not big hair, instead we had condition-ing hair! lol 

I had used coconut oil, olive oil, and then topped her hair off with Aubrey Organics Conditioner (what a combo! :P ) I don't actually recommend all of those at once, but I was experimenting!

Anyway, I had massaged all these things into her hair and worked out all the snarls with my fingers (there were lots :( It had been far too long since I'd detangled her curls) then put her in the bath! I thought I'd give a co-wash a try, since I was out of Q's baby shampoo anyway...

and her hair felt GREAT! so to bed she went.

But... when we got up in the morning, I realized that her hair was still oily. The conditioner hadn't been able to cut out alllll the oil I had added! But, of course we had places to be right away, so no time for another bath!

So we needed a hairstyle that would kind of cover up my flub and not make her look like she had a really really dirty/greasy head! (cuz she didn't! It was just oily!) I made a sort of zig zag part, and inside out french braided to the crown of her head, where I ended the braids with little fluff ponytails.

The rest of her curls hanging down looked funny to me, so I gathered them all up into another ponytail and stuck her brand new big beautiful bow in between all three!

So, all in all, she ended up looking adorable all day, and having the most amazingly soft curls because of it! Later that day, I washed her hair again and used a bit of baking soda/water instead of shampoo - worked wonders! Her hair LOVED all that oil and the baking soda/water didn't strip it, but just cleaned it - ahhhh!


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