Un-Braided Hairdo

This one is after a 3 day stint in braids!
(posts coming with all the variations we did on that theme!)

We used the wavy undone braid hair and went with it! Instead of trying to start all over (no time for a bath this morning - this was our mother's day 'do! lol)

It's hard to see in that picture, but her braids had been in a headband type of design, so I left the parts where they wanted to go and bobby pinned the sides back on each side. Nice and loose so that the wavy hair kept it's wave. :)

Then when I had the bobby pins crossed in an X where I wanted them, I added a bow over the top to draw attention away from the bobby pins and more toward the accessory :)

And then ... I thought I'd just add a couple pics from our Mother's Day :) Just for fun!

Getting ready for church ... quickly!

All-time favorite past-time ... wearing the hair ties as bracelets!

And my personal favorite...
about 5 minutes before we need to leave the house...

Q decided to put on mascara!!!! By herself!!
Well you gotta get dressed up for church, ya know!

Note to self: Q can now open twist on/off containers! .. like mascara tubes!

awwww, they grow up so fast! LOL


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