Fun, Random, and a WINNER!

I have a bunch of pictures I thought it would be fun to share with you :)  But sometimes I take them ... and then can't remember what the story was behind it! So today's Winner Announcement post will also have some random story-less pictures to go with it!

I finally convinced Q to wear her awesome crocheted hat that she got for Christmas! (She thinks because it's a hat that it should come off indoors... logical, I suppose, but I'm trying to convince her this one's for Fashion! and not warmth.)

This was just a fun afternoon of girly pampering! She suffers through me clipping her nails if I balance things out by giving her some "dots" in kiddy nail polish afterwards.

Here's another version of the Get Up and Go ~ Simple Clip Style. I think this was actually taken around Christmas. I just LOVED the curls!

Here's a quick snapshot of our current hair washing system:

Anybody curious as to who the WINNER is yet?!?! Thanks for putting up with all my randomness today... so drum roll please........................................................

Congratulations go out to ... LoveYourGirls BiracialCurls!!!

email me and we'll get your awesome non tosic My True Nature Products out to you!!

Thanks for playing, everyone!!

and one last picture to send you off with...just cuz I was really proud of it...

ENJOY!!!! and Congrats!!! and I hope eveeryone has an awesome rest of the day!



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