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Welcome to our first (of what I hope is many! So send in your stories!) recurring Friday Feature! I have really enjoyed featuring my readers (YOU!) in the past, but it has never been a regular thing.... until now!

Every friday be sure to check right here on Curly Hairdo Ideas for your styles, ideas, tips, tricks for kids curly hair, etc! or maybe you have a little one with short hair - even if it's not curly!? I'd love to show you off - so send me your stuff! If you need help coming up with ideas, check out the Featured Follower section. I love spreading the word about homebased businesses too, so be sure to send along your store or blog links!

Anyway, enough housekeeping! Today's featured follower is Dena, and her absolutely adorable daughter Willow. (What a great name, btw!) Here's what she has to say about her kid's curly hair! ...

(I love this pic! She looks like she has such a fun, spunky spirit!!)

Hi!  I just love your blog!  This is Willow, my 3 year old crazy haired girl!  It has taken some time to figure out her VERY curly hair, especially since I have fine, straight hair...

This is our routine:  In the bath I rinse it very well and work in a dab of Garnier leave in conditioner, two times a week I wash it with Johnsons baby shampoo for curly hair.  After she gets out of the tub I comb it and gently press it with the towel then let it air dry. 
The next morning it's usually a big mess!  I spray it down with detangler and gently comb it.  It helps to do this in front of the tv to distract her or I let her brush her teeth while I'm combing. 
I spritz it with a little water to make sure it's evenly damp then I rub just a little Garnier curl sculpting creme gel into my hands and evenly comb my hands through the curls.  The curls are really tight and close on her head until they dry then they are cute bouncy little ringlets! 

My goal is to replace all these products with natural ones but I've yet to find anything that works as well!  I really don't put it up because it is so unmanageable and impossible to braid and she will not let me put clips in her hair :(

Thanks for your very helpful blog!!

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~~*~~ Awww! Thank you Dena! ... of course I had to be nosey and ask what natural products she had tried - in case any of us had something we could reccomend!! Here is Dena's answer:
 Thanks!  I've really only tried a natural shampoo bar from Apple Valley Natural soap and rinsing with Apple Cider really works for my hair but not so much for Willow...I really would love to find something to use instead of the cream gel but it works so well! 

Ok, Curly Hairdo Ideas readers and followers! Chime in!

1.  Isn't Willow just Adorable!? That hair!! and her expressions! Love it!
2.  Does anyone have good natural hair product reccomendations for replacing the Garnier Cream Gel? (I have never used it, so that is a hinderance is suggesting a replacement. But I did look up the ingredients briefly and they are not very healthy :( )

Curly Hairdo Ideas opinion:    I think you could replace the shampoo and conditioner really easily. I've loved many natural ones that I've tried on Q.
Original Sprout and Cara B Naturally are my two favorite lines at the moment, for both conditioner and shampoo. * Disclaimer: I do not buy the deep conditioner from Original Sprout because it contains dimethicone. But the shampoo and detangler and leave in condish have great ingredients.
My True Nature has a great shampoo as well (but they haven't released their conditioner yet. They do have bubble bath, tho!)

All that said, I don't have a recommendation right off the top of my head for a cream gel, since that is not a staple product in our house right now. Original Sprout does have a baby hair gel and a styling balm, but I haven't looked at the ingredients in depth or tried either product at this point.

Leave your suggestions and thoughts in the comments, please!

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