Tips and Tricks for Curly Hair

I updated the Tips and Tricks page! I just wanted to make sure anyone who missed the posts the first time around knew there was a place to easily find them again. Right under the main blog title picture/logo, you can find a link called Tips and Tricks! Keep checking back for updates!

Or you can click here on Tips and Tricks!

I guess I should make some sort of disclaimer at some point that these are being Tips and Tricks for Caucasion Curly Hair....but I've been so hesitant to limit us like that! However, Q is Caucasion, just like both her parents - so really Caucasion Curly Hair is all I have first hand experience with. (at least at this point!)

I did find it incredibly hard to find information on Caucasion curls when I was first looking for our situation (straight haired and clueless-to-curls mom of a curly baby!) and I do hope our experiences can help other Curlies! Regardless of race!

I think there are a lot of similarities that can be drawn when working with any kind (whether that's curl pattern or race) of hair - most of what I've learned about Q's hair I first read about online... on websites and blogs dealing with Biracial or Black Hair!

I have learned what I can and then I try it, and then adapt it to fit our particular situation.

I truly hope that YOU are able to do the same with the information you have read here in my little corner of the blogosphere! Maybe that's why I've never felt the need to diferenciate between Caucasion Curly Hair and Black Curly Hair or Multiracial Curly Hair. I *think* there is a little something for everyone here! At least that's my feverent hope!

Ok, disclaimer over!  Don't forget... Tips and Tricks for Curly Hair! (Caucasion or Otherwise!)


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