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Have you noticed the ad on my middle sidebar? The one with the Adorable little girl sporting puffs?! It was another curly girl a little while ago, too. That's Beija-Flor Naturals!! Let me introduce you!

"The Mixtress" over at Beija-Flor Naturals was kind enough to offer to trade me some products of hers for some ad space here on Curly Hairdo Ideas - not only was I flattered, but also I was thrilled to be able to try her stuff!

I must say, I have used it and used it and used it and I can't find a reason not to repurchase. I love it! More details below...

 Here's what the website says about Beija-Flor Naturals:
Beija-Flor Naturals is a vegan/vegetarian bodycare line with luxurious treats that promote healthy skin and hair. For years, the Beija-Flor Naturals mixtress has experimented with natural health and beauty remedies as an alternative to mainstream products.
The raw materials used are influenced by her life experience and travels, especially the nutrient rich extracts of South America and Africa.
Beija-Flor Naturals vows to provide quality natural products handmade,customized and made to order with love in California.

And, Why Organic Body Care?
The main ingredients in even the priciest store bought products include harmful petro-chemicals and other yuckie stuff that is used as low-quality fillers-read your product labels! Healing herbs, oils, butters and vegetable extracts have proven to be the best solution for virtually all skin and hair ailments as they work with body’s natural chemistry. Our vegan/vegetarian products are free of harmful petro-chemicals, made from raw vegetable based ingredients, preserved naturally, following FDA standards, and are kind to your body and pocketbook.

It's true! They are natural and amazing and smell soooo good. I can even testify that they are pure - due to the fact that I broke the lid on my Creme Brulee the day after I received it (SAD!!) and after a few months (not in the fridge) it molded! I can't tell you how excited I was!! I mean, I was really bummed that one of my favorite products molded and I could no longer use it, but I was thrilled because it proved to me that it was Healthy! It was pure and natural - with no harmful chemicals keeping it preserved forever and ever. I like my food and my hair & body products to be Real! Love it!

Want to know which products I've tried?!

Organic Soap and Shampoo Bars

"Beija Flor Naturals' handmade soaps have only the good stuff and are free of harsh detergents, chemicals and sulfates. Cold processed with only the best ingredients: organic shea butter, coconut oil, olive oils and various essential oils and herbs depending on the bar. These are an essential part of bathtime pampering rituals everywhere."

Curly Hairdo Ideas thoughts:  I love these bars! My favorites are the Lilac and Countryside scents - even my hubby uses them and loves them! I don't find them stripping, they just cleanse the hair gently. I love that!  Oh, hubby's favorite is the Peppermint, though, I better get the record straight, here.

Creme Brulee for Kinks, Curls and Coils 

"Our Creme Brulee is an everyday leave-in moisturizer with ingredients hand selected for beautiful healthy hair. The formula starts with an infusion of healing herbs such as rosemary, burdock and Marshmallow root. Murumuru Butter, Aloe butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Grapeseed oil add shine, moisture and protection.

In total, an infusion of 13 premium natural ingredients create a light cream texture that is perfect for all natural hair types. When used on wet or dry hair, the Creme Brulee can actually change the texture of your hair from straw to silk making it soft and manageable."

Curly Hairdo Ideas thoughts:  When I first used this product, I thought it was too heavy for us. Turns out I was wrong! It is fabulous - when I used it correctly! My absolute favorite way to use the Creme Brulee for Kinks, Curls and Coils was when I was feeling lazy - without detangling or wetting Q's hair I could toss it in a gentle ponytail or two and add a touch of this Creme Brulee to the ends - viola! Soft, defined curls! I don't know how this product could make curls pop out of tangles, but it does!! (Ok, let's be reaslistic for a second, it's not like a miracle never-have-to-detangle-again product, but it did make some curls stand out of the frizzy tangly hair in a way that totally surprised me!)

Honey Butter Tough Love Scrub

"Skip the trip to the spa. Our honey butter scrub is a weekly all over treatment full of moisturizing honey and healing natural butters. A detoxifying raw sugar base makes this perfect for anyone who wants to get down to serious exfoliating business. Can also be used to pamper feet and rough areas of the skin (elbows, knees etc).The lasting moisture and lightly sweet scent will have you wishing you could fast forward to the next scrub day.

Benefits of Raw Honey:
Contains mild alpha hydroxy acids that increase elasticity, balance out oily skin and stimulate collagen production. Honey can reverse damage caused by free radicals, and is an excellent humectant.
Active ingredients: exfoliating sugars, cocoa, mango and shea butters, raw honey, Apricot Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Vitamin E"

Curly Hairdo Ideas thoughts:  This is definitely exfoliating! and it smells heavenly. I feel so luxurious when I use this scrub! I found the feeling of honey odd at first, but it is so moisturizing! I don't care for it on my face without washing the honey off again, but I just love it on my elbows and upper arms - so so nice. and really, once I'm out of the shower, the weird honey feel is gone and my skin just feels SO smooth.

Hemp Buttercream for Hair and Body

"Gentle enough for babies bottoms, penetrating for dry cracked man hands, and a detangling moisturizing treat for dry kinky to curly hair. Can it be true? Yup, join the green revolution!!"

Curly Hairdo Ideas thoughts:  Very versatile, I will definitely agree on that. Q would slather the whole jar all over her cute little self at once if I let her! A great skin moisturizer. It is so smooth and silky feeling, I love this product as a leave in for curly hair as well as for doing braids and styles. It doesn't have a lot of hold, persay, but it does have some. I don't use gels or pomade or anything in Q's hair so for us, this had hold. I wasn't 100% sure until I did her most recent Box Braids and did NOT use the Hemp Buttercream! They got frizzy within a day! With the Hemp Buttercream or the Creme Brulee for Kinks, Curls and Coils, I can leave her braids in for 2 or 3 days before the top starts looking fuzzy. I love a product that can serve a dual purpose! I tend to use a lot more when I'm braiding than when I'm using it as a leave in for loose curls, though, which is to be expected.

Juicy Summer Fruit Oils
"This light and luscious blend is a mixture of 100% Peach, Cherry, and Apricot extract oils. Apricot oil is known to tone, soften, help retain skin elasticity. When massaged into the scalp it promotes healthy hair growth. Cherry Kernel Oil is rich in vitamins A and E and know for its UV protection. The high end, easily absorbed oil of Peach great for soothing and protecting sensitive skin."

Curly Hairdo Ideas thoughts:  You really need to follow the link and read all the ideas of ways to use these oils!! This was the first product I used out of my Beija-Flor Naturals package - and I have to say it was love at first use. I have used these primarily as a pree-poo treatment for Q and I, with a nice scalp massage included, and I love them! I love that they are so diverse and have so many health benefits. I have yet to try adding these oils to Q's leave in conditioner, but I think I just might have to!  The oils left my hair feeling super soft and managable! (Make sure you use a shampoo that will cut through the oils, though! Or just use a water and baking soda mixture - that works like a charm and is super cheap.)

and lastly, totally unrelated to hair, I had to try....

The Amazon Antioxidant Treatment

 "Kicks the butt of any anti-aging product on the market today! All natural and at a fraction of the price. Antioxidants decrease cell destruction, which in turn combats the aging process. The Amazon Antioxidant treatment also fades skin blemishes-including those related to acne, and treats eczema and psoriasis.

Our soft buttery blend of Cupacu, Murumuru, Passion Fruit, and Acai extracts liquefies upon contact and absorbs into skin quickly. Great as a daytime/overnight facial treatment. The natural cocoa fragrance of the ingredients will make you do a little samba!"

Curly Hairdo Ideas thoughts:  A Samba, huh?! I suppose, pretty close! I really enjoy this face oil mixture. It lasts fooooorever and feels so light and soft. It does feel very oily going on, so I'm careful not to over-apply (at night I can go a bit more crazy!) but it soaks right in and feels so good! It's not shiny or oily once it's on at all. I probably haven't used it long enough to tell if it's holding the wrinkles at bay, but I intend to try! I use it around my eyes and everything, it's very gentle and hasn't bothered my skin in the least!

Make sure you visit her website at for more information! Also to read some testimonials from her customers! The Mixtress can also be found on Etsy, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Mixtress was great to work with, quite prompt (sans the email host issue that she had no control over) with replies to emails and facebook, shipping was speedy and she packages the products with great care!

You may notice if you've read other reviews here on Curly Hairdo Ideas that I haven't said much about ingredient content ... I thought the full ingredient lists used to be on the website, but I can't find them at the moment - however when I first started using these products I went through them with a fine tooth comb (aka the and nothing came up as a Red Flag to me. I am sure the mixtress would be more than willing to help us find that information again if any questions arose. I feel very confident using these products on myself and my family!

Enjoy!! and be sure to let us know your thoughts when YOU give these products a try!


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