Fancy Updo for Curly Hair

I recently saw this fancy updo posted on Girly 'Do's by Jenn (actually as a re-post, but I missed it the first time around!) I thought it was absolutely gorgeous! and would be probably pretty easy as a fancy updo for curly hair - seeing that we already have the curls!

Click here for Jenn's instructions.
See below for my adaptation!

ok, not much of an adaptation... all I did was add a side-swoop "bang" by combing that front bangs area to the side and then rolling it in the direction of the swoop. (in this case, to the left)
Then I clipped it with a temporary claw clip.

Then I picked up the rest of the hair that I wanted in the top ponytail... removed the clip and added an elastic:

Two more ponytails make 3!

Then bobby pin the hair into a fluffy pretty array of curls!

Now the fun part! Add ribbon! (with bobby pins)

Isn't this fancy updo for curly hair just lovely!?  Unfortunately it did NOT last long on this 2 year old curly haired kid. I also would use more ribbon next time, I think. I don't know, maybe I just need more practice, Jenn's ribbon looked more "natural" or something. Make sure you go check her tutorial out - it's positively gorgeous!

Anyway, give it try! It's a beautiful style and would dress up any occasion for sure! I don't think it's restricted to a specific age, either, even teens or moms would turn some heads with this hairstyle!

Thanks for the idea, Jenn!


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