Twisted Christmas Eve

I've been searching all over and racking my brain - trying to come up with a wonderful, exciting, interesting hairdo for Christmas Eve!!  What do you think??

(Inspired by this one!)

After spraying Q's curls down with water and gently combing them out (with a wide toothed comb) I sectioned out a four pieces in front of her head.

Then I added some gel and twisted each one. (Divide hair into two parts, twist each section to the same direction - I did the right- then wrap them around each other the, the other direction - I did the left.)


and brought them together. The two left ones together and the two on the right together.

(I anchored each "V" to a little piece of hair that was directly under where I wanted the tip of the "V" to stay.)

Then! I threaded my plastic kids craft needle! ... I wrapped the ribbon around each twisty and sort of sewed it to her hair! Up one twisty, and back down, up the other and back down, then I tied it in a bow when I got back to the elastic again.

Then I did the same to the other side .... and viola! All Done! A Twisted Christmas Eve Hairdo. :)




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