Friday Feature ~ Sock Bun with Braids ~ Untrained Hair Mom Style

For today's episode of Friday Feature we get to see a style from a new hair blogger, Untrained Hair Mom!

This is D and her "heart style". The heart was parted out and put into a bun, using a "sock bun" and the rest of the hair was put into hanging braids.

To see more of D's styles visit /


Thank you for sharing this style with us! Sock Buns have become so popular lately (Partially in thanks to Princess Tiana, I think!) so it's neat that now we get to join in on the sock bun fun!

Remember, Friday Features are for YOU! I love featuring your stories, styles, websites, stores, you name it! and I don't think we can ever know "it all" - so the more people there are to learn from, the better! Everyone has something to learn, and something to teach. We'd love to hear your story! 

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