Friday Feature!! ~ Jess

It's time for a Friday Feature!!!  The day of the week where YOU are the star! So make sure to send in your photos and stories for the coming weeks!

Today you get to meet Jess - a friend of mine and Q's! She stayed with us for a few days and I got to braid her hair!

(Do you like the bow? - that was Q's contribution to the festivities!)

Fun with Cornrows!!

and a Fabulous Braid Out --

and you'll see more of Jess in the future - I have pictures ready and waiting to show you a neat curvy cornrow style we did on her hair! Plus she's going to let me do her hair for PROM!!! So I'll have to snag a few pictures of whatever we end up doing then, too!

Thanks for letting me share your beautiful self on my blog, Jess!

Don't forget to email me your hair pictures and stories so YOU can be the star of Friday Feature! I only have one more lined up... so if you want more... send more!  and check HERE if you need ideas!


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