Hair Ties and Oil

I love getting emails from my readers!!!!! Here is a series of notes back and forth that I thought everyone might benefit from reading, too, and so after checking with Lady H, here is our conversation about  

Hair Ties and Oils
I love reading your blog and getting helpful ideas for my daughter's hair.  You say that you put coconut oil or olive oil on your hair bands to help them come out easier. Whenever I try and do this the hair bands disintegrate after a couple hours. I was wondering if you have or have had this problem. I know you use braces bands mostly, but I was wondering if you ever had this problem?
Thanks for the help.
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Yes, I have had that happen, but never that fast! Usually mine happens when I am taking them out, so I kinda like it. However, in your case it doesn't sound very helpful. Do you soak them? Or add the oil right as you're putting it in the hair? I would guess that you could use less oil - or maybe your elastics are nice and soft and the oil isn't needed as much? (If so, I'd love to know where you got them! Ours are better than what I find in the stores around here, but if you've found something softer, I'm always interested in learning more!)
Thanks for the email, and keep me posted!

I have used a couple of different kinds. I have some that I bought at least 5 years ago, so they just may be old and not be able to handle the oil, but they are pretty soft anyways. The other ones are from Walmart, I think they are scuncci (or however you spell it). They came in a pack of 3 different sizes and I have soaked them, just put a little on, and also just put a little on the hair before putting it in. Thanks for the help.

Interesting. Yeah, I would agree that the older ones are probably just nice and soft from being older. But that's interesting that the same thing happens with the walmart ones. I think our walmart just has goody - but I wouldn't hold myself to that!  (and they are super hard)  What kind of oil are you using?
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You are right they are goody. I have used coconut oil and olive oil and also shea butter. The Shea butter seems to work the best because I can lightly coat her hair with it and then that seems to do ok most of the time. I just thought today to just coat them an hour or 2 before they should come out and then they can break off by the time it is time to go to bed. Now I'm just thinking out loud. Thanks for your help. 

 Has anyone else had this experience with Hair Ties and Oils? What have you done about it?


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