Friday Feature ~ Kandy Land Kurls!

Welcome to Friday Feature! The series where YOU are the star! I think it's great to share and learn from each other - we all have different hair types, different experiences, and different situations - so sharing our individuality is another way that we can connect, and maybe learn something from someone else. Whether it's because they have hair similar to ours or totally the opposite!  I have learned SO much in the past 2 years from a huge variety of sources!

Enough of my babbling... Today we get the chance to hear from another hair blogger! Thanks so much for joining us Kandy! Read on to hear her awesome tips ...

How old is your curly girl? N is 6 years old.
What is your daily hair routine? In the morning (when she doesn't have a style) I spritz her hair with water mixed with leave in conditioner. I add some moisturizer, then I detangle and seal with coconut oil. Next, I style her hair for school, at night I have her sleep with her satin sleep cap.

Do you have any other "routines" that you add to that, but don't do every day? If so, what are they?
I wash her hair weekly, I always condition after each wash. Once a month I do a hot oil treatment, protein treatment and deep condition.
Do you use chemicals in her hair?
No, and I never will! It will mess up her natural curl pattern.
Do you use heat (hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc) on her hair?
No, I thought about flat ironing for special occasions, but I'm too afraid that if I don't do it right, it may cause heat damage.

Have you ever straightened her hair? Why or why not? What were/are your thoughts on straightening curly hair?
No, when she is old enough to maintain and do it properly, then she can straighten her hair if she wants the "straight-look." I think it's okay to switch up your hairstyles from curly to straight and vice versa. At her age (6) I think its more appropriate for her to keep her hair natural. When she is older she can choose to straighten her hair.
What is your favorite way to style her hair?
Classic pigtails, sock buns and cornbraids.

What do you like best about your little girl's curly hair?
Curly hair is very versatile, and each style brings out her beauty in a different way.
What is the worst hair advice you've ever received?Once she is 10 years old I should relax her hair, and always grease her scalp.
If there was one thing you could say or one tip you could give a young person with curls, what would it be?Don't try to fight your curls, instead embrace them!
If there was one thing you could say or one tip you could give to the Parents of young children with curls, what would it be?!
Try to remove all hair bows/barrettes at night, and make sure the hair is well moisturized.
*We have a blog KandyLandKurls it's designed for children with curly hair*


I think the horrific "advice" given to people is the most shocking every time I read a Friday Feature story! AHHH!  But really, thank you Kandy for all the GREAT advice you have given us here! (the tip about removing bows, etc, is a good one to remember!) and N is just Way too gorgeous! and that hair!!!!

If YOU would like to be featured in our Friday Feature, please email me at curlyhairdoideas I look forward to hearing from you! (if you need ideas check out our Be Featured link.)


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