How to make (really easy) Fancy Hair Ties

I got this idea from my Sister-in-Law! and it's really easy ...  Trust me!!

and you can make them in a variety of styles! Flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, hearts, buttons... those are some of my favorites. Some are even sparkly! and you can do it in 2 very simple steps....

What you'll need:
* needle
* thread
* iron on appliques
* soft hair ties

Step #1:

Go to the store and buy some iron on appliques!
Also buy some matching hair elastics. Make sure they're nice and soft - nothing plastic-y that will pull your daughter's hair!!

Step #2:

Sew the applique to the elastic! That's it! I just used a regular old needle and white thread.

You're Done! 

Your new hair ties are sure to be unique at any rate :) and your options are as varied as the appliques you find. :)

I have also used this idea of using appliques to make original (ish) clips for Q. Just cover an alligator clip with ribbon and then glue an iron on applique to the clip/ribbon. and let it dry!

So what do you think? Do you have any tricks like this that you've done? Please share! 



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