Christmas Ribbon Hairstyle with Braids!

If you've seen any of my other Christmas Hairdo posts this year - I'm definitely on a Christmas Ribbon kick! lol!  (In case you missed them, check out Christmas Braids and Ribbons Hairstyle for Kids! ... and Christmas Braids and Ribbons - Braid Out!)

Anyway, this is my last Christmas Hairstyle for Christmas 2010 ... I know, I know! but hey, at least it's not February yet! (and I even got my Christmas cards sent!)

So I didn't take good step by step photos - mainly because I didn't have a plan before I started! Sorry!

Basically I just parted some curvy parts (yes, I actually used a pick and tried to make them purposeful this time! That is not always the case.)

and started cornrows! You could do french braids, or dutch braids, or cornrows, whatever you like! I am finding cornrows to be the easiest these days, so they happen alot around here! :)

Make sure you never braid too tightly and let any little "baby" hairs stay out - forcing them in will only cause breakage and stress on the hairline!! Definitely not what we want.

Here is a picture from the other side - this is actually the braid I started with! It goes up from the ear toward the top of the head. (I achieved that by standing on Q's left side and kind of braiding across her head.)

Then I decided (spur of the moment, remember - no plan!) That I would bring that braid by her right ear, across the top of her head to join the other braided ends.

Oh, and here is a close up of how I braided the braids! It looks MUCH fancier than it is! I had ended up with 3 braided "tails" - so I braided them together!

Then I attached that stray braid from the right over to the braided braids. I just secured it with another elastic because it was too short to actual get braided in or anything.

After that I dressed it up with some Christmas present wrapping ribbon that I had curled with a scissor! :-D  You can just barely see it peeking over the top of her head in this picture

Here is is!!

Christmas wrapping ribbon in a Hairstyle?! Crazy, but I love it!

What do you think?


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