Braided Pigtail Braids

I came up with this braided braids hairstyle for little girls with curly hair to try to protect that area of the back of their head that the curls get matted so easily! If you have a curly haired kiddo I think you'll know what I mean! That spot is attacked by the carseat and the bed and just gets full of tangles! This style will help protect that hair and help strengthen it.

and the best part? It's a super cute hairstyle on little girls who have straight hair, too!  (As are a lot of the styles on this site, I dare say! haha!)

How to keep the matted hair at the back of the head protected?

Here's one way! I started by braiding some cornrows (or inside out french braids) in the top of her hair, I made 4.

Then I braided two Box Braids right behind the cornrows.

(We're getting to that trouble spot!)
Then I braided 2 more braids, and left hair at the bottom for 2 more.

I am clipping the hair I'm not using out of the way with temporary claw clips as I go so that my parts stay how I want them. (Notice I'm not too picky about my parts! That's totally personal preference. Some days I try for straight parts and some days I just don't worry about it.)

At this point you could just keep braiding box braids - here are more cute styles! But this time I was mostly interested in keeping the back braided (the braids offer stability and strength to those fine tangle-prone hairs. It also provides me the opportunity to use some hair butter to moisturize that hair well. and lastly, the braids can stay in for a few days, providing that moisture and stability through naps and carseats without lots of manipulating!) and I wanted the style to be quick - we were running out of time!  So I braided everything into two pigtail braids.

Now for the other side!

This side doesn't have as many braids - If you wanted a more symmetrical look you could alternate the direction of the cornrows at the beginning.

Finished look from the back....

And the braided pigtail braids from the front!

and just cuz it's cute - an action shot!  (Q loves painting!)

I hope you enjoy this one! I think it's adorable - and it worked really well to keep that fragile hair from being more damaged for awhile. and moisture is so important - for curly hair, and many other types, too, especially in dry winter weather! I've found coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera juice can all be very helpful (and Natural!) sources of moisture for hair.

Thanks to anyone who stopped by from My Frugal Fun Life today (or yesterday!)  If you haven't gone there, make sure you do! It's a fabulously frugal blog about making your money work for you - and she's delving into the realm of health, too!! Which I think is a GREAT combination. Go check it out! (p.s. Curly Hairdo Ideas is a guest blogger today! So if you're looking for a recipe for a Lavendar Braid Spray - go take a look!!)


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