Dutch Braids Headband

Do you know how to do cornrows? Or Dutch braids? Or "Inside out French Braids"?  If so then this style will be easy! (If not, you could also do the same style with flat twists or "French Knots" - no braiding skills required!)

Make two parts from ear to ear diagonally.

Start braiding! (Notice I secured the hair I wasn't going to be using out of the way with a temporary claw clip. Don't forget to take this out when you're done!)

Secure the ends however you want to. I like using orthodontic elastics because they are much softer and smaller than the tough rubber hair kind I can find in the store here. And they're small (yet stretchy) so you don't have to wrap them a million times on small braids!

Accessorize how you please! We used a flower from Little Diva Tutus.

and that's it! Enjoy!


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