Single Clip

Here's where we started today :)

I had a great new fun idea for today!!!... but Q didn't want to sit for it :( and it would have taken we'll just have to do it another day!

Instead, we did this...

I just took up a section of hair in the front of her head (bangs area) twisted it all in a big loose bunch - and clipped it!

This is a great way to keep bangs that you're trying to grow out - out of the eyes when they're at that "awkward stage".

I thought it ended up really cute and it was soooo fast! (Worked really well to keep her hair out of her eyes all day and as a solution to already having spent time on her hair and having to start alllll over from the beginning - at that point you need something fast!)

Even taking pictures of it was hard today - staying still was apparently NOT on the agenda! :)


I hope you all had a great weekend!! We sure did! Q even skied for the first time! :) SOOO Fun! and she got so many compliments on her hair :) THANK YOU to all my inspirations! - Rebekah, Heather, Candace, and all my favorite hairbloggers, too! :D


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