Messy - But Cute

I don't know what to call this one...

First I seperated Q's hair into three sections...

Then I went back and from each of the sections, I took out a bit in the middle - and flopped it forward to use later.

Then I laid the rest of the section of hair back down, just like before...

Next I twisted Q's hair in each section, adding hair as I went, but leaving the forward section out for later.

There really wasn't much of a method to my twisting :) It wasn't supposed to look smooth and perfect, just kinda wild and freeform :) When I had twisted all the hair into it - I finished it with an elastic.

Then I did the same to each of the three original sections...

This picture shows the three left out bits from each section :)

Then I twisted the three pieces that were left into another twist - but going the other direction! I added some hair in the back to anchor the twist too, as well as keep that extra hair from falling forward as the day went on :)

Finally I added some claw clips to sort of finish it off :)


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