Workout Headband

lol - Is that what they're called? I doubt it! But whenever I see tween/teen girls wearing these, I always think they look like the just got done with Volleyball practice or something! :D I think they're cute - but they definitely make me think "exercise". :)

I wanted to do something non-stress today for Q's hair. I think it's good to go "free" once in awhile! But I also didn't want her tripping because she couldn't see! So I compromised. I put in one of those workout headbands that are made for older girls. It just gently rests on her head since her head is smaller than the headband is designed for (which is why I like it) and it has a strip of silicone or something on the underneath side to help it stick to the hair and keep it in place. (Not that it really works, but I think it helps some!)

Cute and easy! Although, unlike other styles, this one does require maintenance throughout the day :) because it slides off, or Q pulls it off, or the hair comes out from under it, etc.


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