Pre-Poo Hair Conditioner

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I just love Q's hair like this! Big, curly and poofy curls!

Unfortunately it's not so good for her hair after a few days....

In the picture above ^ I had started wetting the matted curly hair in preparation for a pre-poo hair conditioner!

In the picture below, I've added some coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil to her scalp and hair. (she said the olive oil smelled bad, so I didn't use much of that - more of the coconut oil.)

We were leaving the house, so I put her hair in a little bun mohawk and wrapped a scarf headband around her hair - just for looks mainly! 

Isn't it cute?!

When we got home we washed her hair with Original Sprout shampoo and conditioner and then I detangled and detangled and detangled her curls!! WOWSA! I think that was the longest detangling session we've ever had to date! But with lots of finger detangling and some detangler, we managed just fine. I also used some aloe vera juice during washing and detangling for added protein.

Next, after getting thru all that, I just couldn't put her to bed with free hair - so I braided it up for nighttime..... (not the most stylish hair style ever, but it did the trick!)

The next morning I took out the braids for a straight wavy braid out look. 

Her hair was sooooo soft! I need to remember to do pre-poo hair conditioning more often. (I used to do it probably twice a month and just got out of the habit. Time to make pre-poo's part of the routine again!)

Have YOU ever tried a pre-poo?  What do you use for a pre-poo hair conditioner? 

Read on for a previous post on growing longer hair as well as incorporating a pre-poo hair conditioner into your routine.


  1. Wow her hair looks so soft and shiny! I have recently been doing olive oil (next I will try with coconut oil, too) and I haven't figured out when too much is...too much lol how much did you use and how long did you leave it in? Btw, the scarf and outfit was too cute!


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