Hair Carnival! Cute Toddler Hairstyles

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Toddler Hairstyle

This post was especially fun for me! Not only do I enjoy creating toddler hairstyles on my own daughter, this month's hair carnival gave me an excuse to copy and adapt a toddler hairstyle from my friends over at Intermittent Babbling: Hair Care and My Thoughts About It!

We chose the Piggy Back Halo toddler hairstyle.... but when I first wanted to do it.... Q was wearing box braids!

But I have no patience when it comes to wanting to style hair. So we just went with it.

Toddler Hairstyle

As you can see in the picture above, I took a few braids and tied them together with a little hair tie. Then I added a braid that was lower and used another hair tie to band that.

I continued with this process gathering new braids into the "halo" as I went. I've done this same sort of "piggy back braid" or "step ponies" in previous posts here on Curly Hairdo Ideas! Only this time the hair was already braided.  (If you are unsure of how to do step ponies - check out this Step Ponies Tutorial post)

Toddler Hairstyle

When I got around to the right side of her head (almost to the beginning) I added one more braid from the top of her head. Then I put ALL her braids in a ponytail of braids.

Toddler Hairstyle

Then, to make the quintessential toddler hairstyle, of course, you must add a bow or flower or korker or SOME kind of hair bling, right?!

I also used 3 mini claw clips to make a sort of "bun" out of the tails of the ponytail. It's hard to se in these pictures, tho, Sorry!!

Toddler Hairstyle

In the following picture can you see how the braids loop up in the ponytail?  That's because they're being held that way by the mini claw clips.

Toddler Hairstyle

OOH! There! Now you can see the mini claw clips! And a better "back-side" view of this toddler hairstyle!

Toddler Hairstyle

Thanks for joining us in our September Copy Cat Hairstyle Hair Carnival!

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