Friday Feature ~ Iceley

Welcome to Friday Feature! This is the series where YOU are the star!! I love seeing all your pictures and hearing your stories....and the best part is that we can all learn from each other this way! (So if you want to join in on the fun, be sure to email me at curlyhairdoideas @   
Today I'm so excited to introduce you to ICELEY!! She is so adorable, and her mom is doing amazing things with her hair. Be sure to read down to the end because that's my favorite part!   Here's what Iceley's mom has to say....

*~* Iceley *~*

These are some pics of my 5-year old's fine, thin, wavy/curly hair.  I like your site and you sent me on a journey to some others that also helped.  (Before that, all I did was brush her hair and it was always frizzy!)
In her sunday dress, we'd wide-tooth combed it and air dried (I think!)  
The last ones are a Conditioner Wash, followed by Aloe Vera Gel, and "plopping" (see all the things I've learned!:))   She has serious bedhead in one (after the plopping all night),
and then I finger-combed with Aloe Vera Gel and the results are in the other two.

I was looking through pictures and found a frizzy-hair one of her before we started following a different routine.  So here's one of her sulfate-shampoo and cone-full conditioner frizzy hair. 
and here's a new one of her in her Sunday dress and her much-loved hat that shows her hair is getting better by the week!

Isn't this great?!? I love love love the "Before and After" shots! What a great example of how different products can have different effects on the hair. Her curls are looking GREAT! and what an adorable little girl you have!

Thank you so much for sharing with us today!


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