New Vacation Hairstyle Trends ~ Guest Post

I was approached by a company to share a guest post post with my readers, when she said Vacation Hair Trends - I thought YES! for us MOMS! This blog (and life, really, don't you think?!) is so focused on our darling children's hair that it's easy to put ourselves on the back burner.... but I personally have a BEACH VACATION coming up this summer that I'm TOTALLY excited about and this post is perfect timing - and time for a focus on us Moms! (Also just in time for Mother's Day, too! Aren't I clever? ha!!)  Anyway, Enjoy these New Vacation Hairstyle Trends for the grownups in the room .....


New Vacation Hairstyle Trends

It's almost summertime, and Mom’s everywhere are planning their family vacations. You might be going to relax on the beach, taking an exciting trip on a cruise, "roughing it" with the family on a camping trip, or herding the kids through an amusement park. Wherever you are traveling, you're sure to enjoy several new experiences, so wouldn't it be wonderful to give your hair a few new adventures of its own? We have three hot hairstyles that will look great for any vacation and, because vacations aren't always synonymous with free time for a mom, they all take less than fifteen minutes to achieve.

1) Rolling Waves

Wavy hair is the easiest and most versatile hairstyle for long or medium hair, and the best part is you can start this one the night before.

Before bed:

-Wash your hair, towel it dry just a little, then work a dollop of mousse through it.
-For a loose wave, create 2 large braids making sure they are not too tight.
-For a curly wave, make 2 large buns towards the top of your head.
-If you have thick hair, you may want to hit these with the blow dryer for about 5 minutes.

When you wake up:
-Take out your braids/buns, gently running your fingers through your hair to loosen them.
-Spray with hairspray.

2) New and Improved Ponytail

When you think about a ponytail, the first thing that comes to mind may be your teenage daughter, but this pony is classy, easy and fast.

-Take two fingers and draw an imaginary line from the corners of your eyebrows up to your hairline, then gather all of the hair that is between your two fingers, tease the underside just a bit, then secure with either a small rubber band or a cute barrette.
-Brush all of the rest of your hair into a high ponytail.

3) The Fishtail Braid

This fun braid may look difficult, but, with practice, it’s very simple. You should probably try it a few times before your vacation.
-Massage some mousse into your dry hair, tease the underneath a little, and then smooth the top with a comb.
-Pull all of your hair to the side.
-Divide your hair into two equal sections.
-Hold the right section with your right hand. Then, using your left hand, pick up a small chunk of hair from the outside of the left section and cross it over to the inside of the right section.
-Repeat this process on the other side, holding the left section in your left hand and using your right hand to pick up a small chunk of hair from the outer right section and cross it over to the inside of the left section.
-Continue to do this, ensuring that you alternate sides after each cross over until you reach the end of your hair, then secure with a rubber band.

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I love these ideas! I'm totally going to try the two high buns at bedtime tonight....


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