It's Q's Birthday! (How to Keep a Headband in Place)

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Happy Birthday to my sweet little 3 year old!!! I can't believe she's 3 already!!! Here is her birthday hairstyle complete with a birthday crown!

(gotta love the tv face)

I forgot to take step by step pictures, so let me try to explain how to keep a headband in place all day :) Or at least how I did it today. I got this method from Babes in Hairland! (Thank you!)

First I sectioned off two pieces of hair in order to keep this headband in place, one in the "bangs" section of her hair, plus down toward her ear a bit - on the left, and another on the right. Then I did pull throughs on those (because Babes did!) - however in hindsight with a headband this fluffy I really didn't need the pull throughs since the fluff just covered it up.

THEN, I put on her headband (after bending the hair hooks back so they wouldn't push into her head all day) and brought the tail of the first pony over the headband. Then I attached that ponytail to a new ponytail as shown below!

That's How to get a headband to stay in place all day! For added flair I brought the two hanging "tails" up and bobby pinned a couple flowers in her curls to add some interest to the area behind the birthday crown.

Happy Birthday Q!!!


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