Friday Feature ~ Diva Do's Mommy and Daughter Edition

This is a super special edition of Friday Feature! We have a combination Mommy and Daughter Interview today from the Mom and Model behind the blog Diva Do's & Everything In Between. (Now known as Diva Locks)

Mommy Version:

What is your daily hair routine?
My daily routine is pretty low maintenance during the week since I work full time, I sleep with a satin bonnet at night and I usually wear a wash and go, a ponytail, or a twist out.

Do you have any other "routines" that you add to that, but don't do every day? If so, what are they?
I wash my hair once a week, I do co-washes about twice a week, I will soon to be adding a deep conditioning treatment once a month using a homemade recipe of natural ingredients, I am so excited! I also have my ends trims every 2-3 months.

Do you use chemicals in your hair?
Yes, I dye my hair. I get bored easily so I like to change it up a bit :) It is Cherrywood right now by Clairol

Do you use heat (hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc) on your hair?
I do use a hooded hair dryer for roller sets and a flat iron but I limit that (flat iron) use to about once every 3-6 months now.

Have you ever straightened your hair? Why or why not? What were/are your thoughts on straightening curly hair?
Yes. I used to straighten my hair faithfully once a week or once every two weeks, then when I decided to embrace my natural curls I noticed that I had a lot of straight areas in my curl pattern that was permanently straighten from my use of heat. I never embraced my curls before because I never knew how to style them properly and I didn't know what kinds of products to use on them either, but now I am learning :). My thoughts on straightening curly hair is: I think it depends on the curl pattern and if you plan on wearing your natural hair, if you don't then I don't see a problem with using heat. I would still not make it a consistent habit though, maybe every now and then. 

What is your favorite way to wear your hair?
I love a twist out, they are quick and easy to do and the results are great on my hair!

What do you like best about your curls?
I love my curl pattern, I love how soft they feel and I love to twirl them around my finger when I am bored :)
What is the worst hair advice you've ever received?
To straighten my hair it looks better

If there was one thing you could say or one tip you could give a young person with curls, what would it be?
Love them! Embrace them! Work with them! They are great and dare to be different :)

If there was one thing you could say or one tip you could give to the Parents of young children with curls, what would it be?!
Find your staple products that work best with your child's curl pattern, Find styles that make her look amazing, and don't get discouraged, it's an evolving adventure!

Anything else you would like to add that I haven't thought to ask?!
Nope I think you covered everything!

The Diva's Version:

How old is your little one?
She is 7 years old
What is your favorite hair style?
I love curly ponytails 
How do you keep them still while you style their hair?
She loves getting her hair styled, the problem I have is how do I keep her awake the whole time :)
Do you use (or will you encourage/discourage the use of) heat and/or chemicals on your child's hair?
I do occasionally use heat on her, I always let her hair air dry in a banded style so it is nice and stretched and detangled then I will flat iron it and maintain that look for the whole week. If I want to add curls I use sponge rollers they work great, so the heat I do use isn't a lot I don't think it's damaging her hair and we only do it maybe a few times a year. 
What is your favorite aspect of "hair time"?
I love how excited she gets when she looks in the mirror when I am all done and tells me she loves it!

What is the best hair advice you've ever received?
To never style the hair too tight, to detangle from the ends then work your way to the roots, to soak your rubber bands in oil to prevent breakage. Oh the list goes on and on!
What is the worst hair advice you've ever received?
I've never received any bad advice for styling her hair, or maybe I just ignored it :)
If you could give us one tip or trick - what would it be?
Always make sure the ends are moisturized and make sure the scalp is healthy and clean. I like to massage the diva's scalp while I am shampooing it.

Anything else you would like to add that I haven't thought to ask?!
Nope :)

Thank you BOTH for this great info! You two have some great styles and advice - your blog is great proof of that!


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