Zig-Zag-gy Braided Hair

Skiing Hairdo!

A Christmas Braids and Ribbon Hairstyle for Kids!

No time for hairstyles?

Merry Merry Christmas!!

My True Nature - Product Review

Quick! Before Christmas...

NOW it feels like Christmas!!

White Girl Braid Out?

How to Get Your Child to Sit Still?

How to Soften Hair Elastics

Toddler Updo - Cornrows and Flat Twists

Securing Hairbows like Babes in Hairland!

Winter, Hats and Little Girl's Hair?!

French Braids, Twists and Short Curly Hair

How to Make Curly Hair Behave...

Braided Circles Hairdo for Curly Hair

Braid Out! (and last day for Cara B discount!)

Box Braids, Cornrows and Bows

H's Heart Step Ponies and Messy Bun Hairstyle - Day 2!!

Unique Hairdo for Little Girls with a lot of different hair lengths!

Stacked Cornrows for a Toddler

Cara B Naturally - First Impressions

Our New Hair Washing System!

What are your little ones going to be for Halloween??

Cara B Naturally ~ Shampoo/Body Wash, Leave In Conditioner, and Bar Soap

Twisted Curly Funky Updo

Curls on the Go!

Criss-Crossed Half Cornrows - with Ponytails!

Two Small Braids and One Giant Hairbow

Karli's Kreations

Mind if I show off a bit?

2 year old's response to Sesame Street's "I Love My Hair" video!

Sesame Street - I love my Hair!!

Beija-Flor Naturals - Discounts!!

Featured Follower!! - Lisa and "Princess"

Black spots in hair? Could it be moldy?

Messy, Beautiful, and Quick Hairdo for Kids, Teens and up!

Homemade Fabric Headband - Pictures!

Criss-Crossed Half Cornrows

How to Make a Fabric Headband - Fast and EASY!

Gymnastics Hairstyle

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