Braided Circles Hairdo for Curly Hair

This simple, quick and easy style would work on any kind or texture of hair, but I really like this hairdo for curly hair because the circular braids up top are balanced out by the curls down lower - even in Q's short curly hair!

Click "Read More" to see more pictures and the "how to" steps! :)

How to get this braided circle look:

1) Divide the hair on top of the head into 4 sections '
          (relatively even sections if you can on a wiggling toddler!)

2) Braid each section in a normal regular braid and band at the ends.
           (I like using orthodontic elastics because they are smaller and softer than the kind you can buy at walmart, for example. You can also soften up any kind of rubber hair band by soaking it in coconut oil.)

3) Wrap the braid around itself as though you were tying it! But leave it loose so that it makes a circle.

4) Tuck the ends of the braids in.

5) Loop another elastic over the whole circle to keep the ends secured. If you need/want to wrap it twice for better hold you can. Using bobby pins to hold the circles would work as well.

Top View of Our Braided Circles Hairdo for Curly Hair:

Another Top View
With a Bow!

The Final Product!

That's it! I thought I better get this one posted before too much time had passed - since Q's coloring pumpkins and all! :)

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  1. I love it! :-) Seriously, Miss Q must be the post patient chica ever to have it turn out that neatly!

  2. awww! :D Thank you!!

    lol - no, I highly doubt that, it's just a combo of a good movie, quick hands, and the ability to stop mid-style if need be. (That's the hardest part!! But I don't want it to be a battle ground, so sometimes we just stop and either take a break, or we stop and have a half-done style that day!)

    This one actually didn't take us too long, really. And since it's made with 4 normal braids, no french braiding or cornrows, it didn't matter if her head was a bit wiggly as I braided.


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