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Product Lines:
For more info on my thoughts about commercial products, visit THIS post.

(one of the best I've found so far! the only product that I wouldn't buy at this point is their Deep Conditioner. However the ingredients on the Leave-in look just fine. I LOVE that they list all their ingredients.) 
Aubrey Organics 
(before I switched to "no-poo" hair care, this was the line of products I used everyday. This is also the shampoo I have and have loved for Q. But I haven't tried their gel or leave-in. They don't have much for "curly" products, mainly just shampoos and conditioners.)
 (Ingredients-wise, I trust Suki. I haven't tried their hair products yet, and they don't appear to have much, but their skin care products are all my sister uses!)

 Just Natural Skin Care (and Hair!)

I adore this company! The products smell amazing, work like a charm, and last for ages. Definitely ones of my favorites. 

Recipes for Hair Products:

Tools We Find Useful:

Wide Tooth Comb 
we like the handle and curved tines. It's very important to get a comb with smooth teeth!!
-- UPDATE -- I have fallen in LOVE with wooden combs! See THIS POST for more information about the benefits of using wooden combs.

Rat Tail Comb 
this is the kind I will try next. With a metal tail!

Hair Pick 
the good old fashioned kind. I use this one for smaller details and on some curls, not the whole head tho! That results in very poofy hair! (because the tines are so close together!)

very versatile, many uses! It helps moisten hair when applied directly, it helps soften rubber bands to avoid hair breakage, etc.  Olive Oil does the same as well.

Elastic Bands
a must have for many styles :)  A variety of sizes is nice to have as well.
--UPDATE-- We have used some old braces rubber bands to style our hair ... (shake your head, I know, I know! Crazy!) ... and we like them much better than the little rubber band elastics you buy at the store! The ones at the store are much harder and less forgiving. The braces elastics are softer and seem gentler to the hair.

Plastic Craft Needle
for threading ribbon through hair on certain styles.

Spray Bottle
for water.

And a variety of Ribbons!!

Info and claims about wooden combs found in THIS post.

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