Sesame Street - I love my Hair!!

This youtube video has been flying around the web for a bit now, so you may have already seen it - but I just have to share!

I agree with so many other bloggers and commenters - this is a message that is AMAZING! Universal! Necessary! (and somehow sad that it IS necessary. But I digress...)

Here's the clip! ...

What do you think? :)


  1. Cute video! I welcome all things that encourage girls to love how God made them. To many things/ people in this world tell them that they should feel bad how they look. I also love the muppets which is an added bonus to the great messege.

  2. love it!! Did you see the remix one with willow smith's song "Whip my Hair"?

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  4. Totally!! :D

    I saw the original Whip My Hair earlier today, I should post that one, too, it's not quite Q's and my style yet, but the message was still good. (I enjoyed the I *heart* Me shirt, too)

    I hadn't seen the remix, though! LOL! Cute!

  5. I actually liked the Sesame Street video!! Cute!! I love my hair!! I do not like the Willow Smith ma'am, I just heard it on Facebook.

  6. Oh, that is wonderful! I normally don't like Sesame Street but I really enjoyed watching that. I agree that that message is all too necessary, and that it is a shame that videos like this are needed. BUT... It sounds nice and happy, and gets the message across. I'll show it to K when she wakes up!



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