Toddler Updo - Cornrows and Flat Twists

  Remember the style French Braids, Twists and Short Curly Hair? From just the other day? One of my new favorite styles?! Well I'd like to introduce you to her cousin ... Toddler Updo - Cornrows and Flat Twists! lol

I love this hairstyle, too! and it's great because I did the previous style one day (with loose curls in the back), then the next day I added the braids and twists up the back and left the hairdo in her hair for a few more days after that!  (Which is nice if you don't want to - or don't have time to - do hair every day. It's also nice because braids can be very beneficial to hair.)

Basically, just keep braiding! I alternated braids and flat twists. and I aimed them all up toward my previous ponytail.

If your child is old enough, you can have them lay in your lap for upside down braids like these - otherwise I just let Q keep watching her movie and I stand backwards and "braid up"! If that made any sense at all!

Then I put all the ends in a ponytail.

and looped another hair tie around to make a messy bun.

Right side view....

Left side view....

Then add the accessory of your choice!

 And lastly, a picture of a very proud Q showing off her clay creation! :D


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