Stacked Cornrows for a Toddler

This is our version of stacked cornrows. With box braids, too :)  But I found doing some cornrows made the braiding time faster than doing only box braids.  ... But, then of course you end up with less braids in the end - pros and cons! :)

(Read our previous post Why should I Braid My Hair? to learn about the benefits of Box Braids)

 As you see in the above picture - I like starting with the bottom braids. I just clip the rest of the hair out of the way and braid in layers.

 As always, parting can be as "Free Style" or as perfectly straight as you'd like. Or whatever you can get on a wiggly toddler! :)

What have you been doing with hair these days??


  1. Hey! Looks cute I love it.
    I'm wondering how to find the contest on your page I wanted to enter, haha I feel so lost I keep searching but can't find it, you have so many posts! Maybe you can help me out?
    Thanks! (lol I feel so silly!)

  2. Thanks!!

    Actually the contest is over :( sorry!! But I've been talking with Jell E Bean Designs and it sounds like she's going to provide a discount for my readers!! I'll be sure to post as soon as I know the details!


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