No time for hairstyles?

We haven't done much for hairstyles lately - so busy, you know! lol  Anyway, I thought I'd share a few pictures just for fun...and the reason why I like to DO a hairdo on Q....

(I also found that a trick to her letting me do her hair often and being willing to sit for it - is for me to attempt it often! We've gone for a while with minimal styles and not much time given to hair and yesterday I tried to do a "fancier" braided 'do.... and she wasn't so willing at first! Good to know....)

Santa brought her this crocheted hat... isn't it adorable?!! Now if I can just get her to realize this isn't a hat you wear outside to keep your head's for fashion! HA! (and keeping her hair out of her eyes....)

 (sorry for the blurry pic - it's the only one we have of her in the hat so far!)

I hope you had a fun and blessed Christmas!!! Feel free to share your stories and pictures, hair related or not, on the facebook page!


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