French Braids, Twists and Short Curly Hair

  This short curly hairdo is one of my current favorites! :D  So is the version I plan on posting tomorrow - it's a spin off of this same one!

I didn't take any pictures as I went along, unfortunately, so let me know if need some "How To" photos!

First I made 5 somewhat curvy sections in the front and top of her hair. (You could start with an ear to ear part if you want)

Then I braided and flat twisted in an alternating pattern. I ended up with 3 braids and 2 twists. I angled them all towards the upper left side of her head so that I could band them all into one half ponytail.

That's it! I left some of the braids braided to the ends for variety, the twists I just ended at the ponytail and let the curls hang loose.

I haven't really done a tutorial on cornrowing or flat twists, come to think of it! Is that something anyone would want? Or have you found enough on youtube already?!!?

I hope your weekend is going well! Have a great Sunday!!


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