Criss-Crossed Half Cornrows

This style is one of my current personal favorites :) It keeps her hair out of her eyes, but is also unique! The braiding technique is somewhat reminiscent of  X-Twists.

Start with 4 sections on the top of the head:

Starting in the right front section, Braid! Either a small cornrow, or even just a normal braid is fine. Angle the braid toward the lower left section.

Once you've braided across two diagonal sections, start on the other side and braid across the next two sections!

Then angle a cornrow up from each ear towards the end of the first braids.  Notice that I've held the braids together with temporary claw clips. And I continued the braids a ways after I stopped adding new hair...

To finish it off I wrapped a cloth hair band around the base where the two braids meet. On the last time through, I didn't pull the braids through all the way. Then I fluffed the ends and called it good!

and now for the copious amounts of pictures I have of this one style! lol! I guess I thought it was photogenic. :)

and one last one just for fun! :D


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