2 year old's response to Sesame Street's "I Love My Hair" video!

I had to share this ... :)

I guess even with all the positive response the Sesame Street video has gotten, there are those who think it's still not quite up to the mark yet, and isn't sending the "right" message. Well Q and I think it's doing just fine! I love that (even tho it's one muppet) there are many different types of hair featured. I think it makes the video more universal and more kids (and adults!) can relate to it.

Here's what our little caucasion curly girl thinks of the video ...

And here's what she thought at the end :)

and after I had turned the camera off (isn't the the way it goes) she even started dancing like the muppet and singing to herself again!

So, people can make all the controversy out of it that they want to, but the message was clear enough that even a 2 year old white kid loves it! Her specific type of hair might not be featured, but there is still some variety and it celebrates the beauty and versatility of CURLS! Which, in my opinion, we can't get enough of.  Well done, Sesame Street!

What was your response? Did you show your kiddos the video? What did they think?


  1. Well said. And the video is adorable. She acts like Avi did singing and dancing to the song.

  2. Ohhh that is so sweet :)
    What a lovely and also great looking girl she is!!!

  3. too cute, I haven't shown it to my little ones yet, simply becuase I haven't found time, maybe today I will have them sit in front of the computer.

  4. Thanks! :)

    She's trying to sing along in the first one - I know she's kinda hard to understand :) Now she knows the tune much more and sings a couple phrases without the video playing! lol

    In the second one she's asking if we can watch it again. :)

    and... now I have to go because she's asking to watch it AGAIN! LOL "please? Please?!"

  5. My daughter loves it and she shakes her hair while she watches it.


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