Unique Hairdo for Little Girls with a lot of different hair lengths!

This style is specially designed for a faithful Curly Hairdo Ideas blog follower! Hi Rosie!
(for anyone else who's interested...email me with your requests and I'll see what I can do!)

Rosie shared a picture of her darling daughter H on our Facebook page and asked for ideas and suggestions of what to do with hair that is a variety of lengths. Shes says, "It can be hard getting styles to stay in her hair..."

Along with the following ideas for hair of many lengths, I thought it would be fun to design a special hairdo just for Little H! So read on to see what I came up with!

My response on the FB page... and General tips for getting hair styles to stay in toddler hair (especially hair that is not all the same length):

Do you use any kind of hair butter or gel when you put in a style? It might help. I would try Shea Butter first. Or Tate's hair gel has pretty good ingredients. If you find it works and you want to use it often, I would be REALLY picky about the ingredients in the products you choose.

Also, doing hair while it's wet can keep the fly-aways away.

Styles with braids and step ponies will keep a tighter "rein" on loose ends.

Now ... H's Heart Updo:  

(Note about Little H that I asked for before designing her style: she sits very still and for long periods without much trouble, and she likes to stand out in a crowd! .....) 

Lots of pictures, bear with me! :)

Make a ponytail slightly to the side (and a side part) then tuck the tail thru, like so...
(tuck it so that the tail is laying forward)

Split the tail in half, and twist each "tail" of hair to the "outside" 
(ex. twist the righthand tail to the right and the lefthand tail to the left)

That makes a heart shape!
Anchor that heart (the two tails) by adding in another pony at this point.

(I like using braces elastics because I feel they are a bit softer than the rubber hair elastics - plus they're smaller! You can soak them in coconut or olive oil before using them, too, in order to make them even softer and gentler on the hair)

Next, I made 4 sections:
one has a ponytail in it already
the next I'm holding
the third is flipped forward towards Q's forehead
and the fourth is laying off to the right....

As you can see, I took half of the tail of the first ponytail and added it into the second new ponytail...

I did the same sort of thing with the tail from the heart, too, separated it into two pieces and added each to a different new ponytail...

On the left  side of her head I made one ponytail in front,  by her ear - and added the tail of that one into another ponytail a bit higher up.
then I added three sections directly behind that - to which I added 1/3rd of the tail from the first pony to each of the new ones!
(confused yet?! LOL)

Then in back, I lifted most of the hair out of the way for a minute while I parted a section at the very bottom

I divided that into 3 sections...

Almost done!
Then I gathered it ALL up into two big ponytails in back...

Then I took it one step farther and made the big ponytails into curly messy buns.

And added BOWS! :D

Finished! from the top...

from the back...

There ya go! A great (cute, if I do day so myself) unique hairdo for toddlers with curly or straight hair that will tame uneven hair lengths!

I hope you like it! :D

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